Midame Inchino

Hello there. My name is Midame Inchino. I am 12 years old, (mun is 17), and I am training to become a shinobi. I currently reside in Konoha, but I was born in a small village to, (what I believe to be), the west of Konoha. I have been told that I can be uncomfortably formal, so if I am, and you do not like it, then I do not mind if you tell me. I will try my best to fix it; no promises though.

And I am Shiryoku. I am not really one to talk about myself, but if I must....I'm 26 and am a member of the ANBU Black Ops. You'll hardly ever see me without my twin blades on my waist.

Come talk to us if you want. We won't bite.

Apr 14

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“Don’t be so silly…I wouldn’t hit on you… Mostly because you don’t have the willpower to resist me” grins smooth then winces expecting a slap.
“Let us also not forget the fact that I’m straight and have a girlfriend…..kind of…" *notthetypetohitunlessabsolutelynessasary*

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